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If you are busy or in a meeting then you can set this auto responder app for whatsapp on your phone. Although auto reply is supported in WhatsApp business, this app is a good option for personal WhatsApp. You can download it from Google Play. This app does not support beta stage as well as for some devices as of now, it might be a break, but it works fine on the latest version of Android.
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It is not only prudent to install antivirus software on your Android devices, but it is also necessary. After all,...
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Android is the fastest growing mobile platform in the world today. In this, Google is always adding new features and...
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Vivo Y21e budget smartphone has been launched in India. Leaks were coming out about this phone for the last several...
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How To Increase Mobile Battery Capacity – Power/Backup Tips
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“Android Device Manager” is a great service present in all Android phones, about which we all do not know and we are not able to use it properly.
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