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If you want to become a successful blogger, then you will have to move forward in the field of blogging with hard work and full responsibility, and you have to be aware of some blogging tips, as well as keeping in mind the policy of Google, you will be able to survive for a long time. You can do blogging.


You can also do blogging for free, for that there are platforms like blogger, tumblr, wordpress etc. But if you have to blog for a long time and make blogging your carrier, earn money from blogging, then you with wordpress. Have to go and spend some money.


You can earn money by blogging on blogger too, but there are going to be many problems going forward, anyway Google has not given any new update of blogger for many years, so it seems that Google will not shut down blogger. Do it



By the way, you can switch to WordPress after starting from blogger, but there are many problems in this too, that is why I suggested you to choose WordPress from the beginning.

Keep these 6 things in mind

1 Blogging is not a job which takes this month and salary starts coming next month, here we have to work hard for a few days and have to be patient.


When you start writing a post on your new blog, there is no one to read your post because your blog is brand new.


So you keep writing posts continuously for six months, keep working hard, then your post starts ranking in Google and then traffic starts coming.


Then you apply for AdSense, you get approval and then your earning starts.


Many times many people take years to complete this process, it depends on your hard work, how soon you start earning in blogging.


Many times, even after working hard for months, we do not get the approval of AdSense, that's why I had said that first understand the policy of Google very well so that those mistakes do not happen in your blogging journey, due to which there is a problem in getting approval of AdSense.


2 should not choose a free blogging platform, but choose a good blogging platform by investing a little money.

You can also earn money by blogging on Google's blogger for free, but your earnings may not be for long.


Blogger is a product of Google, there will be nothing in your control, because of your mistakes, Google can suspend your blog whenever it wants and your months or years of hard work can be in vain.


On the other hand, if you choose WordPress, then here you can earn for a long time as long as you want because here the hosting will be yours and you will have complete control.


WordPress gives you full control, you can make your website as you want, if you want to make a professional blog, then WordPress will be better for you.

how to make a career in blogging

First of all, understand the purpose of your blogging, what do you want to do blogging for, are you blogging to earn money, or do you want to promote your business through blogging.

Or it may also be that you want to tell people about your special information through blogging, or else the blogging done by you will reveal your personal opinion.

Before starting a blog, we should find the answer to the questions like this, what is the purpose of our blogging.


Whether you are going to do blogging full time or part time, by the way you do it for full time or part time you have to put at least two to 3 posts in 1 week to rank your blog post.

Whether we work on any platform, we have to continue, we have to work at that place, only then we can be successful.

blogging idea

4 First decide what topic you want to do blogging about. Are you choosing the topic seen by others, in the field of blogging, those who are seen by others are never able to move forward.

We should choose the same topic in blogging on whichever topic we have a good knowledge of, only then we are able to blog for a long time.


Blogging is not a game of four days, here we have to keep posting continuously for months and years, so for this we should have a lot of knowledge in that area.


In recent times, there has been a lot of competition in blogging, so if your topic is different from these crowds, then your chances of being successful become more.


If you want to earn money from blogging, you want to rank your blog post in the search engine, then do research about whatever topic you are choosing, whether this topic is being searched.


We should choose a searchable topic for blogging, which is being searched more and more in the country and the world, so we get success quickly.


We have to take great care of the visitors coming to our site, what they like, what they want, their comments have to be answered calmly and it is better if you write the next post on the basis of that.


Everyone makes a blog, but it becomes very difficult to generate earning from there because we make a blog from someone else's view and we do not even have good knowledge on that subject, so we try to copy other's posts. And then they get tired within a few days and then they close their blog.

how to do blogging

5 After starting blogging, pay more attention to quality content, do not think about money, when you work hard, money will come automatically.

We have to work only for the first 2 to 3 months, we also have to pay attention to the keyword, then only our post will rank and also keep in mind that whatever we are writing will benefit others, the whole reader Be satisfied.


Before starting blogging, do research about the quality of your post, along with keyword research, quality content also plays an important role so that visitors to the site are waiting for your next post.


That's why content is king, that is, content is king, you will be able to bring visitors to your site by writing many posts without paying attention to it, but the one who comes to your site once will not want to come again.


Because your visitor gets quality content on your site, then they will also subscribe to your blog and will also be waiting for your next post.


But if you keep writing casually, then whatever comes in such a situation will not last long and then the bounce rate of your site will start increasing which will have a bad effect on the ranking of your site.

successful blogging tips

6 It is also important to be patient

Whether it is blogging or any other platform or any business, it takes time to grow, no matter how hard you work in the new, but it will give results in its own time.


You have to go on working on your blog honestly, give quality content and at the same time you have to be determined not to back down, you will definitely get success.


Many bloggers close their blog because they come thinking that they will create a blog, post and money will start coming, but this does not happen in the world of blogging, here it is very important to have patience along with hard work. it happens.


Also, follow some of the tips mentioned below if you are going to start blogging.

Take a top level domain for blogging and also keep in mind that your domain should not be similar to anyone else because you have to create your own brand and do not copy from others.


2 While buying hosting, do not fall in the trap of cheap, take good hosting so that the loading speed of your site is fast because you are going to become a professional blogger.


Many people do affiliate marketing of hosting, when you buy hosting from the link shared by them, then they get commission.


So in such a situation some people may suggest you wrong hosting in order to earn commission, avoid such people. And initially register hosting for 1 year only.


3 You should take a premium theme, although many free themes are also available for WordPress or blogger, but for the good performance of your site, premium theme remains right because due to free theme, the loading speed of your site is also affected. Does matter.


4 You should take different measures for the security of your site, like many plugins come or you can also connect your site to cloudflyer and strengthen the security as well as whenever you enter a new post. Make a backup.


5 You can increase the loading speed of your site by using the Cache plugin, this plugin will clear whatever cache data you have on your site.


Use the plugin as much as it is useful, using too much plugin, the loading speed of the site slows down.


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