What is olx? how to sell stuff online

What is OLX and how to sell goods on it

Earlier it required more time and energy to sell any old item of the house. But today in this world of internet we can easily sell our goods at reasonable price. If you also want to sell your old stuff? Or want to know how we can sell used products online? So in today's article, we will tell you about the process of selling old household items with the help of the popular app olx with some simple instructions.


What is Olx? What are its benefits?


olx is a global online marketplace. Which is a platform for the sale and purchase of household services such as home goods, furniture, bikes, cars, etc. In simple words, in olx, we can upload our used (used) household items on olx and sell, and buy used goods of others. At present, the business of olx is spread not only in India but in 45 other countries of the world.


What are the benefits of using olx?


In olx we can buy and sell products near us, because olx shows the searched product according to our location.


There are registered sellers on olx, and if we like the product, we can message the seller and ask complete information and questions about the product.


Olx is a very easy and fast way to buy and sell products.


At olx, we can buy your favorite products at affordable prices.


What is olx? And after knowing its benefits, now we will know how through olx app we can sell our old goods to many customers and sell them at reasonable prices. To sell used goods on olx, some simple steps have to be followed given below.


First of all install this app on your smartphone by typing olx in the search bar of play store.


After the app is installed, open it. And here you can login with the account by tapping on any one option like Facebook, Google and phone number etc.


After login, the button of sell is visible at the bottom, you tap on sell and click on the photo of the product you want to sell. Or you can also select the product's photo from the gallery.


After selecting the photo, tap on Upload Photo.


Now in the next step, type the appropriate price of the product you want to sell and set it. Here we are selling mobile phone, you can sell any household item if you want.


After setting the price, now select the category of mobile, bike etc. of which category your product belongs to and tap on add details.


Now here if your phone is a tablet or a mobile phone, you can select that option.


Now add description to give product information in the next steps. And after typing the complete information of the product in the description, set the location. Now at the last tap on post your add.


Now here to confirm your phone number, otp (one time password) will come on your number from olx.


After entering the otp code, just within 10 minutes your product will start showing on add olx. And as soon as you add show on olx, you will also get the message in mobile.


Friends hope! By reading this article today, you must have known how you can sell household goods in olx. If you have any question related to this article, then you can tell us by commenting.

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