What is Search Engine Optimization? how to do it

How is SEO and what are the types of SEO

1 on page SEO

2 off page SEO

On Page SEO as we understand by whose name, that On Page SEO means that in this type of SEO, we optimize on a specific keyword through our own contact in the middle of our blog, and from that we are on This is called page optimization. There are some basic tips to do On Page SEO which are as follows,

  1. First of all we have to select a keyword, on whose keyword we want to rank our blog post. Now the most important thing is, the content of our blog friends, the better our content and the more unique it is from others, the better our blog will get ranking in Google. Because we have to understand that Google will always want to display a best result to its users. That is why we have to take special care that our contact should always be very good meaning full and unique, this point is most important.
  2. After this the most important thing is that we never have to copy paste content of already ranked web sites in Google in our website. Otherwise, Google will blacklist us, because Google already has the same content, so it will not rank any other website with the same content.
  3. After this the most important thing is that how many keywords are written in our blog post. If we want to rank in the first page in Google, then we have to write our blog post at least between 900 to 2000 elders.
  4. Language means we should always use a simple and such language in our blog posts. So that a person can easily understand or say that we should not say the same thing by twisting it. It should be written that this point is very important.
  5. After this the most important thing is that we should always keep the quality of our contact good. That is, all types of taglines headings h1 h2 H3 should be used correctly in it, and we should write a paragraph of at least 70 to 80 words. After this we should always equip the points with bullets or numbers.
  7. The most important point we should pay special attention to the correct language in our post i.e. the errors of the words written in it and the grammar of the language. Where do we Or use the Coma or Screen Nation route or whatever, that's something we should totally pay attention to.

How to use Keyword in On Page SEO

Friends, how do we use KEYWORD in our posts? This is very important to know, because if we just write the post, and if we do not use the keywords in it properly, then Google will not know whose keyword we are targeting. On which our website has to rank this post, that's why it is very important for us to know about the correct use of keywords of friends.


Density When we write any blog post, we should take special care of the density of keywords in that post. We are required to write or repeat our target keyword at least between 1% to 2.5% in our blog post. For example if we see that if we have written a blog post. In which we write about 1000 words, then we have to use our targeted keyword at least 10 to 25 times in this post. This will improve the density of keywords in our post.

We have to keep in mind that the placement of our target keyword means that we need to use it in particular places. Because Google scans these money first. And if we target that he will be present there then his chances of getting our website rank on Keyword will be higher so let's know friends. In which place we should paste our Keyword.

Heading Friends, whenever we have written a blog, I must always write my keyword to its heading. Because whenever Google reads a blog, first of all someone reads its heading. That is why if we write our targeted keyword in that heading, then our website will be more likely to rank on that keyword.

First Line Whenever we start writing a blog, we have always been praised in our first line. Keyword should be written. And we should write clearly in our first paragraph about the most important information of our target that they keyword. This lets Google know about our target keyword. And our chances of coloring his bird increase.

3. We must write our key word at least once in paragraphs. Yes, we should note that in every paragraph, if possible, you should use your key word once, but if you cannot do it in any one paragraph, then you must use your key word in the next paragraph, and most importantly, if you have used the key word. If you are not able to use it, then make sure to use synonyms or similar words as much as possible, this will improve the quality of your blog.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO Kya Hai as we understand it from the name. That in this type of SEO, we go to other websites outside our blog post and build our blog's link or in other words, we create a link to our blog on another website. Which is said in simple language, we create backlinks, we have to keep in mind that the website on which we are backlinks should have good reputation domain authority and quality. Otherwise it will have a bad effect on the ranking of our blog, Google sees this. That's how many backlinks of our blog remain.

Friends, but one thing we must keep in mind that most of the people know off page optimization only in the name of making backlinks. But I will definitely tell you some more such points which are as important as backlinks in off page optimization. Even if you are not able to create backlinks in the beginning, but gradually doing these points will generate backlinks. So there will be every possibility of your ranking being good in Google, then those points are as follows,


Social signal as the name shows. That we use social media in this. In this point we share our blog post in all types of social media. We should share our blog in maximum media. This also helps in bringing our website up in the ranking of Google in a way. That is why we should take special care that whenever we write a blog post, it should be shared as much as possible in all platforms like Facebook Twitter WhatsApp YouTube Instagram. This will greatly improve our ranking.

The second is that we must share our blog by going to different big websites in which Question Answer such as Quora Yahoo Answers website. But we must note that when we give question answers in these websites, we should share our blog according to the topic of the blog written by us and accordingly in the question answer itself. And if possible, you should write your question and answer in as well equipped manner as possible. It also helps in improving the ranking of our website.

The third important point is that we must do guest posting if possible by visiting some websites. This helps us in getting backlinks, here I am telling you some such websites on which you can write your blog as a guest. And these will greatly benefit your website in getting good ranking in Google.







After this, the fourth important point is that we should find some such community or forum-like websites. For example microsoft. In the community of com, we should go ahead and ask our thoughts to our question and answer. Must reply.

But we should pay special attention to this point. That whenever we do this type of work, then we should not do spamming. Spamming means that we have to copy paste the wrong link of our blog unnecessarily, it is a type of spamming. By doing this type of work, we can get blacklisted from these communities. And our hard work can be completely in vain, that is why we should pay special attention to it. That whenever we answer a question, we should not paste our unnecessary links in it.

Fifth point which is very important, whenever we paste the image in our blogs, we must put our link score in it. And then it should upload. This makes our image more likely to rank in the search in Google. And if our image ranks in Google Images. So we get direct traffic from there to our website.

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