What is On Page SEO? How is On Page SEO

Friends, the best way to do ON PAGE SEO, which I use myself, I have divided this method into 4 steps in total. We have to do these four steps very carefully from beginning to end, so friends, the description of these four steps is as follows,

  • Keyword optimization

  • Sniper editing and meta description optimization

  • Contact building

  • Content optimization

Keyword Optimization

Friends, the first ON PAGE SEO phase is Keyword Optimization, in this phase we select the keywords. Friends, this is the most important step, because now you have to focus only on keyword selection at the time of keywords selection. Because it is my own suggestion that we have to select a specific keyword before contact and write all types of words in our blog. On which we want to rank in Google. For this we use some tools, whose name is written below.









Some of these are premium, some are free, we have to first pay attention to using them that whatever keyword we are selecting. Its volume i.e. how many people search it in Google in 1 month. And second he has such competition, that is, how much competition is there on his word. We should always pay attention that the competition for the new blog should be at least PC below, so that our block is likely to be ranked at least in the first page of Google. That's why friends, first of all, we have to find such a keyword, whose search volume is high but its competition is less than 30. And in the initial time, we should focus on keywords with less than 15 competition, this makes it easy for us to rank in Google.

Sniper Editing and Meta Description Optimization

Friends, after this comes the second ON PAGE SEO phase, but in this section about sniper editing and meta tag description editing or optimization, we have to first pay attention to which keyboard we are writing our blog on. For that we should have a good summary of about 140 to 160 characters and most importantly our selected keyword should be mentioned at least once in this summary. Helps us the most in getting ranked in Google, so friends, I am giving some examples in the image below, so that you can understand. What is Matter Description and how does it appear in Search Appearance?

After this we have to see about sniper editing, but first of all we have to write our title. On which we have to write a best attractive unique using our selected keyword. This is the most important piece of information about those money. We can write and manage this entire sniper section very easily through u stasies.

Content Building

Friends, the third important step is content building, in this step we will see how we have to write our contact. Friends, whenever we write any blog, we make many small mistakes in it. Due to which we are not able to rank in Google, so let's know friends that it is important. Point which we have to pay attention before writing the content till the blog,


  1. The first and most important point for On Page SEO is that we always have to keep the length or length of our blog at least more than a thousand words because when our content is more than 1000 words then Google will give it more priority. Friends, we have to know one of the most important things of Google that Google always puts the content in the first priority, that is, if our contact is long then it will be more likely to rank in Google.
  2. The second important point for On-Page SEO is whenever we write a block, according to the first point, we need to write it at least a thousand words, the way it is. In the same way, its quality ie its meaning is very good and it is very important to be the best. Because just by writing in any topic, it is not necessary to rank in Google. Unless its quality is good, that's why whenever we should write a blog, its content quality should be the best.
  3. The third most important point for On Page SEO is that we should never copy paste the content of the blog post of any ranked websites in Google on our blog. Because by doing this Google will put us in its black list and will never give good ranking to our website. That's why we should keep this thing in mind first. That we should make the contact public only and only our own.
  4. The fourth most important point for On-Page SEO is that after writing our contact, we must check its planarism. Plearrism means that the post which we have just written is not already a paste somewhere, we should take great care of that. Because if our contact will already be present somewhere. So Google will consider it as copy paste, it will have a very bad effect on our ranking. That is why we should pay attention that our contact should be at least 80% unique, that is, it should not be more than 20% plearism. I am telling you some free tools web sites to check planarism. By visiting which you can check Plarrism for free. https://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ https://plagiarismdetector.net/
  5. The fifth most important point for On-Page SEO is that we should use the easiest language in our blog posts. Because if our blog post is easily readable, then Google will give us good ranking in our effort to make our block post reach as many people as possible. That is why we should always use the easiest language in our blog posts. And this should not use passive voice in your blog post and as far as possible, and write your blog post in short sentences. And at least 10 to 12 words should be used in every sentence.
  6. Friends, the sixth most important point for On-Page SEO is that our content should be as easy to read. It should look equally beautiful and organized. It is most important that we use at least 70 to 80 words in every paragraph of our blog post. And if we want to tell something long or more, then always points like 1,2,3… or bullet should be used.
  7. The seventh important point for On-Page SEO is that we should always have the right language, that is, at least errors in our words, if possible, and the correct use of grammar is necessary. We should always use correct grammar and correct words in our blog posts.

Content Optimization

Friends, as important as these above three points are, content optimization is necessary for On-Page SEO. Before doing this, we have to understand that contact optimization is after all. Do friends, when we write a contact, we call it content building, in the same way when we arrange the same written, contact according to any one of the selected keywords to explain it to Google. We call this whole process contact optimization. Friends, whenever we write content. So to convince Google that we have written this entire content for which one targeted keyword. For this we optimize the entire contact. Whose process I have divided into some important steps which are as follows


Friends, Density is most important because we keep this in mind. that selected by us. Keywords are present in at least one percent to 2.5 percent of our contacts. For example, if we have written a blog post of 500 words or of thousand words. So we have to keep in mind that our targeted keyword has been used at least 10 to 25 times in this post of ours. This will make the density of our keywords very good in our block posts.


Friends, whenever we write a blog, in which place we need to specifically write our targeted keywords. Or we will look into placements. Because whenever Google reads our blog, there are some such points. Where if our keyword is present, then it will make our blog more likely to be ranked in its word. So friends, those are some important points, this point is as follows,


  • First is the heading, where first of all we need to write our keyword. Because reading the post is first started from the heading itself. That's why we must write keywords here.
  • Second, we must write our keyword in the first line of our block, and if possible, we should explain it well in the first paragraph itself.
  • If possible, we should include our keywords in almost all the paragraphs. But if it is not possible in all, then it must be done after one paragraph in another.
  • We should also use synonyms similar to our targeted keywords in our blog.
  • Whenever we add any image in our blog post, we must write our targeted keyword on it and use our keyword in its link as well. In this way our image becomes more likely to rank in its word. And through that image also we are likely to get traffic.

Friends, this was the complete systematic way to be on page like this, if you do this on page of your block according to this whole post. So surely the rank of your website will be greatly benefited. Because if you look at any top rank website, you will find that most of the points and points I have mentioned have been followed by that website. That's why he is in good rank in Google.

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