What Is Refurbished Phone?

Hello Friends, Do you also want to know what is a refurbished phone and should you buy a refurbished phone instead of a new phone because it is getting much cheaper than a new phone.

All of you will get answers to all these questions in this post, so keep reading this post till the end.

Today is the era of smartphones but there is a special need to show smartness while buying a smartphone. When you want to buy a phone, first do research about it and know about its specifications and price. But do you know that you can buy a new looking refurbished phone instead of a new phone at a cheap price if you are not able to afford the new phone?

Yes, in today's post, you are being given complete information related to this…


What Is Refurbished Phone?

So you must have seen on many online sites that refurbished phone is being sold there which is at a much lower price than the new phone and people also buy it because it is getting at a lower price.

It is obvious that if you are also getting a phone cheap, then you will definitely think about buying it once. So let us know what is a refurbished phone and should you buy a refurbished phone instead of a new phone.

So let's understand it in a simple language…


A man bought a new phone from amazon or flipkart and used it for few days but after few days he realized that there is a problem in his phone then he requested for return on amazon or flipkart because still this return policy Was following that means there was still a return period left.


So Amazon or Flipkart took that phone back and saw what was wrong with it and then it was given to the service center to be repaired, till then either the person was given a new phone or his money was given back. given.


Now the phone which was given to the service center has been fixed and is ready to be sold again. But keep in mind here that even though this phone is new, it is not a brand new phone because there was some fault in it which was fixed again.


So this phone is called Refurbished and again it is kept in the Refurbished category to be sold. Now this is not a new phone, so its price is also kept much lower than the new phone so that people can buy it.


So now you must have understood what are refurbished phones.


Should I Buy a Refurbished Phone?


Now it comes to whether you should buy a refurbished phone? So for this, tell you that if the price of a refurbished phone is less than its new phone, then definitely you should buy it because the refurbished phone is also made again in such a way that it works like new.


But if the price of refurbished phone and price margin of new phone is very less then you can go for new phone.

Suppose the cost of a new phone is Rs 12000 and its refurbished is sold for 11000 then you cannot buy a refurbished phone for such a low margin because if you can invest that much money then get a new phone by investing a little more. can.


But if the price margin is 2000-3000 then you can buy refurbished phone if your budget is less and you want phone of the same brand. But here again keep one thing in mind that when you are buying refurbished phone online, then the website from which you are buying is reliable like… Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

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