How to Buy a New Computer Tips Some things to consider before buying a new computer

Since new technologies are coming in the market every day in the Computer Zone, so deciding which computer to buy (Which computer to be purchased) which computer is good (Which computer is best) is very difficult. It happens, if you are thinking of buying a new computer from the market, then know some basic things before buying. Maybe your computer shopping will become easy - How to Buy a New Computer Tips in Hindi - New Some things to consider before buying a computer

Desktop computer vs. Laptop computer

There can be a very long debate on whether laptop is better or desktop. Both have their own characteristics, as well as some problems are associated, such as you cannot take the desktop anywhere in the bag like a laptop, similarly the keyboard and mouse of the laptop. Mouse) cannot start its work by buying it immediately from the market if it is damaged. Then in such a situation, who is better and which one should be chosen, it is a simple matter that even though the desktop is heavy and big to look at, but the maintenance of the desktop is equally cheap and easy, whereas in contrast the laptop While laptop maintenance is expensive, laptop is a delicate device compared to desktop, but it is also portable. So if according to your work, you feel that you need a portable device that can go anywhere with you, then take a laptop, if not then you should choose a desktop.


There are many advanced types of processors available in the market nowadays, such as Core i5, Core i7 (Core i 7) If you are a home user, then you will have to know about the difference in the speed of these processors. You will not even know, for domestic work you can also choose Core i3 or Dual Core, they are quite cheap as compared to Core i5, Core i7.


RAM gives working space to your computer, if in simple language, the more your computer RAM, the less chance of hanging, although nowadays less than 2 GB RAM then any laptop and computer But if you want to increase the speed of the computer then you can choose 4 GB RAM (4 GB RAM).

graphic card

Graphic card comes inbuilt with all motherboards, so that you can enjoy web browsing, movies and games on the laptop, so if you need to do your daily work like MS Office. Apart from (MS Office), if you want to play web browsing, movies and games, then you do not need to think much about the graphic card.

Hard Disk Drive

There is a big difference between home and office work. In the office, you work mostly on applications like Word and Excel, their files do not occupy much space, but at home, along with working on the computer, you also store games, photos, movies, For which you need more space. Anyway, if you only now the quality of photos and videos of mobile is also becoming high and if you store their photos and videos in the computer then you should choose a hard disk with more space. Therefore, choose hard disk drives very carefully, nowadays hard disk from 500 GB to 2000 GB is available in the market.

Screen Size

Many people choose laptops from the screen size, but never choose a laptop by looking at the screen size, one because the screen size is large, the laptop can be heavy, as well as if the display is low resolution. If it is low resolution, then the computing experience can also be bad. Therefore, prefer a screen with good resolution, if it is not visible then consider your money wastage. Be sure to check the screen resolution. For desktop, you can choose the screen size as per your convenience, although a medium size 18.5 inch display is perfect, but if you are fond of watching movies on the computer or you want to watch TV by putting a TV tuner on it. If so, 22 inch monitor size is sufficient.

Wi-Fi connectivity

Wi-Fi network has become common to use the Internet, Internet sharing has also become very easy with the help of Wi-Fi, now you can connect any phone to Wi-Fi. You can easily share the Internet by turning it into a Fi router or hotspot, not only this, you can also give commands to other devices with the help of Wi-Fi, now Wi-Fi printers have also started trending. Wi-Fi can transfer data many times faster than Bluetooth, it can transfer 60 MB of data in 1 second, so before buying a computer and laptop, it must be checked that it has Wi-Fi connectivity ( Wi-Fi connectivity) or not.

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