How to Automatic reply on WhatsApp? yes it is possible now

If you are busy or in a meeting then you can set this auto responder app for whatsapp on your phone. Although auto reply is supported in WhatsApp business, this app is a good option for personal WhatsApp. You can download it from Google Play. This app does not support beta stage as well as for some devices as of now, it might be a break, but it works fine on the latest version of Android.

WhatsApp Auto Reply App for Android: Watomatic

There are many reasons when you want to send an automatic reply to your colleague, business contact or relatives on WhatsApp. For example to notify users who contact you and want to tell them that you are on vacation or decided to move away from WhatsApp due to the recent privacy dispute of this app. But, till now there is no such feature in WhatsApp, so that you can send autoreply in it.

Although you may have to manually respond to contacts using the app, the Watomatic app can help reduce the time it takes to notify users, especially if you have a lot of contacts that you call on a regular basis. send message.


Watomatic – WhatsApp Auto Reply Bot is an open source application for Android that offers an option to automate replies. The source of the application is published on GitHub, and you can download its APK file directly from the site or download it directly from Google Play.


Download from Google Play: Watomatic

Watomatic relies on Android's notification system and requires notification permissions. WhatsApp notifications must also be enabled, and WhatsApp's fingerprint lock must be disabled.

Toggle the Auto Reply preference to On to enable the feature. Note that if you enable this for the first time, you will need to grant Notifications permissions.

The interface of the app is straightforward and easy to use. To edit it, tap the Auto Reply Text field, and type your message here, for example you're currently on vacation or on a business tour, or you're in the hospital or otherwise busy.

You can enable the feature for group chats, and use the reply frequency to limit the number of messages per contact or group. The default setting is unlimited.

Auto reply not working even after Watomatic is enabled

Note that the app requires permission to access/read notifications you receive in order to detect and reply to WhatsApp messages. However, it does not collect or store any of your data, so there is nothing to worry about.


Most users have disabled notifications for WhatsApp on their phones, so they should enable it, and also have WhatsApp fingerprint lock disabled for this app to work.

Why can't a WhatsApp Business account be used for auto reply?


You can't use a business account without accepting the new privacy that everyone is trying to avoid.


Depending on how many contacts you have on WhatsApp, you can choose to install it or not. If you have very few contacts then you can reply manually without installing this app but if you have too many contacts and you always have to reply, then you can opt to install this app.

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