How To Find Your Lost Android Phone Without Any App?

How to Track Lost Android Phone Without App

“Android Device Manager” is a great service present in all Android phones, about which we all do not know and we are not able to use it properly.


It works exactly like a Tracking App.

Its best thing is that for this, who does not have to download another app.

Also, we do not install any Tracking App in our Android Phone due to our busy work schedules and we are not able to trace it when our Android Phone is stolen.

In such a situation, Android Device Manager works perfectly and it is quite easy to use.


So let's know step by step how to find your lost Android phone without any app.

How to Track Lost Android Phone Without Any App Step By Step

Lost Android Step 1. First of all, go to the Settings of your Android Phone and find the Security or Privacy option there and click on it. If your Android Phone's Version 4.4 Kitkat then you can directly go to “Settings > Privacy > Device Administration”. For the rest of the version, you can follow the same method.

Lost Android Step 2. Now after clicking on the Device Administration option, an option will appear as shown below, one of which will be "Android Device Manager" which will not activate. Activate it by clicking on it. Now your Android phone will continue to be tracked successfully.

Lost Android Step 3. After this, when you want to track your Android phone, that is, to know its location, then log in to the website of "Android Device Manager" from your computer or any other phone. Remember that you are logging in with the same email that was logged in to your Lost Android Phone. >> Android Device Manager's Website

Lost Android Step 4. Now after connecting it to your Android phone, it will give you an option like Figure below. Along with Google Maps will also tell you the correct location.


Here you get 3 options ( Ring, Lock and Erase ). I will tell you in turn about all of these, what you can do with it.

  • Ring: As soon as you click on this option “Android Device Manager” will play your mobile with full volume even if your phone is in silent mode. But this option does not work if your Android phone is switched off.


  • Lock: If you click on this option, a popups window will open as shown in the figure below. From where you can lock your Android phone with a new password. Also, you can show a mobile number there by which you can be contacted.


  • Erase: After confirming this by clicking on this option, all the memory of your Android phone will be deleted along with the data. That is, your mobile will be completely formatted and will be exactly the same as a new Android phone. Before doing this, keep one thing in mind that after this the settings of “Android Device Manager” will also be deactivated and it will also stop working.

So friends, this was the way to get your lost Android phone back without any app. Hope you liked this

Lost Android Phone Ka Pata Kaise Lagayen Me

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