How To Find Blogger Template And Upload It?

For this, the template of your own blog will have to be changed. I told that Blogspot's Blogger Template is very simple to see and it does not make an impression on the readers, but don't worry, we can change it according to our wish with the Blogger Template created or downloaded for free, that too very easily. From and without any technical knowledge.

So let's know from where to download Blogger Template of Blogspot

From Where To Download Blogger Template

There are many websites available on the internet which gives you the option to download both free and premium templates. Premium means that for this you have to pay some money which depends on the seller.

After buying it, you get full access to the template, that is, you can make any changes according to your wish, apart from this, you are provided a lot of help from Seller in its installation and making any other changes. But these facilities give you Free Blogger Template. Along with this, the footer link of those websites will also have to be given under your blog as a credit.

But it doesn't make much difference. If you are new to blogging then I would recommend you to use Free Blogger Template for the time being. Then further you can take full access by purchasing the same template.

From Where to Download Free Blogger Template?

Here I am giving a list of some famous websites from where you can download very good Free Blogger Template, which I also use for my different blogs.






Apart from this, if you want, you can also download Latest Free Templates with the help of Google, for this you have to write in Google's Search Box “Download Free Template 2018” and it will put in front of you a list of websites which will be brand new and better.

Also, you will be able to search it better if you add the subject of your blog next to it, that is, what is your blog about. If your blog is about Education then you can write “Download Free Education Template 2018”. Writing the year in this will prove to be very important because that is why it will show you the latest template.


How To Choose The Best Template.

Well, there are so many free templates on the internet, how can you choose the best one? I would like to help you in this too. First of all, you must see the live demo of that template, so that you will know how this template will look on your blog. Apart from this, must see the following properties in its property.

  • SEO Friendly
  • Responsive
  • Ads Ready
  • Footer
  • Slider 
  • Fast Loading

Best Free Blogger Template


If you are wondering which is the best Free Blogger Template, then I will make your work easy and say in one word “ATB Blogger Template” which is created by Imran Uddin, the founder of ALL TECH BUZZ.



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